Automatic Power Factor Controllers

Certain electrical loads such as motors can cause electrical systems to be very inductive, which results in very 'lagging power factor' i.e. wastage of energy. The simple solution to maintain the power factor in required range is to connect or disconnect the power factor correction capacitors. Manual switching is just impossible for rapidly fluctuating loads and hence an automatic control system is required which continuously monitors the power factor and make appropriate corrections to maintain it within the required range.

With a very wide spectrum of features and prices, we have a wide range of automatic power factor controllers. This includes very high range models such as SYCON 66SS with a Smart Switching Algorithm implemented for fast power factor achievement as well as low cost models based on most common FIFO switching algorithm.
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MD Controllers

The H.T. consumers have to give their Maximum Demand of power to the electricity boards. Any consumer, if crosses this sanctioned demand, has to pay heavy penalties. One should continuously monitor the demand to maintain it within the limit or control the maximum demand value. SYCON ILM does this job & safeguards the customer from heavy penalties. SYCON MD Controller continuously senses the 3 phase voltage & current, calculate the total KVA integrated over last 15 minutes or 30 minutes as per the selection. This integrated demand is displayed & compared with the set values and an intimation relay will be energized if the demand is approaching towards set higher setting. It compares the Average KVA with the set MD & accordingly gives signal to cut the load if any and control the demand within safe limit.

This range includes 6 models with Three Trip Outputs & One Alarm Output implemented for fine demand control.
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Protection Relays

Now a days in many industries, electrical loads are prone to failure due to the many situations like overload, undercurrent, voltage spikes, earth leakage, earth fault, neutral fault, single phasing, reverse phasing etc. SYCON provides solutions to many of these problems through its protection relays. These relays are easy to install, user friendly and best in performance. Being our own designs, we can give any size and shape of CBCT required for these protection relays.

The range includes motor protection relays, earth leakage relays, earth fault relays, under-current/over-current relay, under-voltage/over-voltage relay, neutral fault relay.
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Digital Panel Meters

Digital panel meters are needed to monitor various electrical parameters. These can be used for three phase as well as single phase systems. Quality and accuracy are the main factors considered while designing and manufacturing these meters.

The range includes single phase voltmeter, single phase ammeter, three phase voltmeter, three phase ammeter, frequency meter, multifunction meters, voltage-current-frequency (V-I-F / V-A-F) meter and voltage-current-power factor (V-I-PF) meter. Many of these meters comes with an optional RS-485 port for communication. Using this user can monitor the readings with the help of computer also. We also provide ‘Energy Monitoring Software’ for such applications.
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Panel Accessories

Sycon Panel Accessories range includes various model of Thyrister Module , Series Reactor, Panel Ct, Timers etc
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