SYCON-55 XX-2D - Automatic Power Factor Controller


This 55 series version is similar to SYCON 55 series model of APFC in all respects except the display, the price and the size of the controller. It uses 2-digit 7-segment bright display for power factor indication. Two separate LEDs are used to give LEAD/LAG indication. It is smaller and lighter in weight than the regular SYCON 55 series model. This low cost version is very popular for smaller automatic power factor correction systems.

General Features

  • FIFO switching
  • Friendly user interface
  • Easy to install
  • Large 2-digit 7-segment display
  • Available in 4,6 & 8 stages
  • Low Cost

Display Features

  • Power factor
  • LED indication of LEAD/LAG
  • LED indication of capacitor ON/OFF status
  • Settings

Control Features

  • Site settable Two Point Target PF
  • Capacitor disconnection in case of low current
  • Test mode facility

Optional Features

  • 1 sec switching delay
  • --/1A CT input

Electrical Specifications

Voltage Input 415V AC -15%
Current Input --/5A
Frequency 50Hz
Over Voltage Release 470V AC -1%
Low current 1.8% (90mA)
Switching Contact 10A at 250V AC
Accuracy 1 digit
Switching Time 5 sec

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions 96(L) x 96(W) x 110(D) mm
Panel Cutout 92 x 92 mm

Wiring Diagram

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