SYCON-66 XX SS - Automatic Power Factor Controller

Sycon 66 XX SS

This advance version in 66 series with small volume and light weight, displays all parameters like system power factor voltage, current, system KVA, system KVAr, system KW, shortfall KVAr, THD. It works on smart switching algorithm where a number of capacitors can be turned ON or OFF instantaneously used on the capacitive KVAr requirement. It also displays harmonics from 3rd to 13th. It has capability to auto-identify the capacitor values. All the settings are password protected. It has in-built capacitor protection system in case of harmonic overload and over-voltage. With in-built TEST mode, the panel can be tested without CT current.


Large alphanumeric LCD display (2 x 16 characters)

Display Parameters

  • Power factor
  • Capacitor stages ON/OFF
  • Discharging capacitors
  • Voltage, current
  • Shortfall or Excess KVAR
  • % THD
  • Selectable display of 3rd to 13th harmonics
  • Selectable display of capacitor values
  • Display of settings
  • Display of alarm message


  • Intelligent with best fit control
  • Stages 4 to 16
  • Menu driven user friendly handling
  • Alarm output
  • Easy to install

Selectable Alarm for

  • Under compensation
  • Over compensation
  • Under current
  • Over voltage
  • Excess Total harmonic distortion (THD).


  • Password protection for settings
  • Adjustable %KVAR switching capacity
  • Adjustable value of Target PF
  • Adjustable CT ratio from 1 to 1250
  • Adjustable time delay from 1 sec for switching ON insteps for 1 sec
  • Models available in 4,6,8,12,14,16 steps
  • Adjustable settings for % THD (Total harmonic distortion) protection
  • Disconnection in case of low current
  • Adjustable number of maximum stages.
  • Adjustable lock time for power ON
  • Auto identification or Manual feeding of capacitor values
  • Manual switching facility
  • Test mode facility
  • MODBUS communication (Optional)

Technical Specifications

Voltage input 415VAC±15%
Current input --/5A
Frequency 50Hz±5%
Over voltage release 470V±1%
Low current 1% (50mA)
Switching contact 10Amp at 250Vac
Switching time 1 to 1200 sec
Switching Most intelligent (Best Fit)
Stages 6, 8, 12, 14, 16
Accuracy 1% (±1digit)
Target PF 0.71 Lag to 0.80 Lead
Mode Auto/Manual
Dimension 144mm(L) x 144mm(W) x 80mm(D)
Panel cutout 138 X 138mm
Weight 1Kg

Wiring Diagram

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