SYCON-66 XX - Automatic Power Factor Controller

Sycon 66 XX

This version of 66 XX series displays all parameters such as power factor, shortfall KVAR Excess KVAR , voltage, current and THD all at a time. By selection, it displays % harmonic from 3rd to 13th and capacitor values. It has built in facility to cut-off the capacitors in case of harmonic overload. It has password protected settings. It’s built-in TEST mode enables to test the panel without CT current. Auto as well as Manual mode of operation are available in this relay.


Large alphanumeric LCD display (2 x 16 characters)
LED indication for capacitor ON / OFF status

General Features

  • Intelligent KVAR based switching
  • Friendly user interface
  • Easy to install
  • Large alpha-numeric display
  • Available in 4 to 16 stages (available stages 4 ,6 ,8,12,,14,16)
  • Number of stages can be configured at site

Display Parameters

  • Power factor
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Shortfall KVAR / Excess KVAR
  • % THD
  • LED indication of capacitor ON/OFF status
  • Selectable:
    • 3rd to 13th harmonics
    • Capacitor Values
    • Settings

Control Features

  • Password protection for settings
  • Site settable C.T. ratio from 1 to 1250:
    • % KVAR switching capacity
    • Target PF
    • CT ratio
    • Switching delay
    • Lockout time for power ON
    • Harmonic(THD) Overload protection
    • Number of stages can be selected
  • Capacitor disconnection in case of:
    • Low current
    • Over voltage
  • Auto identification or Manual feeding of capacitor values
  • Manual switching facility
  • Test mode facility

Optional Features

  • 3 Phase sensing (3CT) controller for unbalanced load system
  • 1 sec switching delay
  • Dual settings for Generator and EB Power factor
  • HT CT sensing for HT applications

Electrical Specifications

Voltage Input 415V AC -15%
Current Input --/5A
--/1A (optional)
Frequency 50Hz
Over Voltage Release 470V AC +/- 1%
Low current 1% (50mA)
Switching Contact 10A at 250V AC
Accuracy Class 1
Switching Interval 5 to 1200 sec
Switching Program Intelligent (Best fit )

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions 144 (L) x 144 (W) x 80 (D) mm
Panel Cutout 138 mm x 138 mm
Weight 1.5 kg

Wiring Diagram

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