SYCON-9900 GPRS - Digital Panel Meter - Multifunction Meter


In today's industries, knowing more about your power system is necessary to get control over it. This requires a system or a Meter which is capable of getting measurement continuously from your power system. Our industrial electrical system is of 3 phase power input viz. R, Y and B. Getting measurement of a parameter in all three phase simultaneously is more desired while deciding the load. The SYCON Multifunction Meter 9900 is made to fulfill this.

The Multi Function Meter 9900 consist of 20 characters 4 line LCD display for displaying parameters. This is the advanced version in Panel Meters with small volume and light weight, capable of displaying total of 41 electrical parameters.

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SYCON 9900 GPRS Multifuction Meter


20 X 4 characters Large LCD display.

General Features

  • Friendly user interface.
  • Easy to install.
  • RS-485 MODBUS Communication available
  • GPRS Communication
  • Applicable for all type of networks

Display Features

  • Three phase voltages and currents.
  • Three phase Line voltages and currents.
  • Power factor of each phase and Frequency.
  • Active Power (KW), Apparent Power (KVA), Reactive Power (KVAR), Total power
  • Active Energy (KWh), Apparent Energy (KVAh), Reactive Energy (KVARh) and Total Energy.
  • Average and Maximum demand in integration time (15 min or 30 min).
  • Average Power factor of each phase separately.
  • Display of Real time clock.
  • Display last reset Date and Time of Energy and Maximum Demand.

Control Features

  • Password protection for settings.
  • Site adjustable CT ratio. (CT primary upto 9000 A )
  • Site adjustable Integration Time 15 min or 30 min for Average Demand.
  • Time and Date settings.

Electrical Specifications

Voltage Input 230 VAC ± 15%,
voltage input 110 V (Optional) (H.T Model)
special meter for furnaces (570 V ) (optional)
Current Input / 5 A,
/1 A (optional)
Frequency 50Hz
Low Current 1% (50mA)
Accuracy Class 1 , Class 0.5, class 0.2 (optional)

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions 144mm(L) x 144mm(W) x 80mm(D)
Panel Cutout 138 mm x 138 mm
Operating Temperature -10 to +55°C

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