SYCON-9900-P - Digital Panel Meter - Multifunction Meter


In today’s industries, knowing more about your power system is necessary to get control over it. This requires a system or a meter which is capable of getting measurement continuously from your power system. Our industrial electrical system is of 3 phase power input viz. R, Y and B. Getting measurement of a parameter in all three phase simultaneously is more desired while deciding the load. The SYCON Multi-Function Meter 9900-P is made to fulfill this requirement. The Multi Function Meter 9900-R consist of 20 characters 2 line LCD display for displaying parameters. This is the advanced version in Panel Meters with small volume and light weight, capable of displaying multiple parameters.


20 characters 2 line LCD Display

General Features

  • Friendly user interface.
  • Easy to install.
  • RS-485 MODBUS Communication available

Display Features

  • P-N Voltage of each phase
  • P-P Voltage of each phase
  • Current of each phase
  • Frequency
  • PF (RYB)
  • KW (RYB)
  • KW (Total)
  • KVA (RYB)
  • KVA (Total)
  • KVAR (RYB)
  • KVAR (Total)
  • KWH (total)

Control Features

  • Site adjustable CT ratio. (CT primary upto 9000)

Electrical Specifications

Voltage Input 230 VAC ± 15%
Current Input / 5 A
Frequency 50Hz
Low Current 1% (50mA)
Accuracy Class 1
Class 0.5 (optional)

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions 96(L) x 96(W) x 60(D) mm
Panel Cutout 91 mm X 91 mm
Weight 375gm

Wiring Diagram

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