SYCON-4600 - Maximum Demand Controller - Intelligent Load Manager

Sycon 4600

The intelligent load manager ILM 4600 is used to protect the overshoot of demand from the sanctioned demand. It facilitates controlling of up to three independent loads by continuously monitoring the demand . It has RS 485 serial port with MODBUS RTU/ASCII protocol to communicate with PC thereby providing an ideal source for effective energy management. Apart from this the user can also check various parameters simultaneously.

Order Code Description
SYCON 4600 Available with block window method.
SYCON 4600-T Available with block window & TOD facility.
SYCON 4600-P Available with block window & predictive demand.
SYCON 4600-BTP Available with block window, TOD & predictive demand facility.
SYCON 4600-S Available with sliding window method.
SYCON 4600-ST Available with sliding window & TOD facility.

General Features

  • 1 Alarm point and 3 tripping point (potential free).
  • PC interface facility with RS-485.
  • True RMS measurements.
  • Model available for LT as well as HT.
  • Selectable display of present & previous.
  • Facility for Date & time settings.
  • Uses advanced DSP process.
  • Easy readability on alphanumeric back lit LCD Display.
  • Low PT, CT burden.
  • Auto reset facility for maximum demand with programmable date & time.
  • Cost effective energy management solution.
  • Easy user interface & easy installation.
  • Confirms to IEC standards.
  • Rugged & can be used under extreme environmental condition.

Display Features

  • Phase to neutral & phase to phase voltage.
  • Current of each phase.
  • KW of all phases & total KW.
  • KVA of all phases & total KVA.
  • KVAH of all phases & total KVAH.
  • KVAR of all phases & total KVAR.
  • PF of all phases, average PF & cumulative PF.

Electrical Specifications

Voltage Input 415V AC -15%
Current Input --/5A
--/1A Optional
Frequency 50Hz
Switching Contact 10 A at 250V AC
Accuracy 1 digit

Mechanical Specifications

Front Bezel Size 144 (L) x 144 (W) x 120 (D) mm
Panel cutout Size 138 mm X 138 mm
Weight 1.5 Kg

Wiring Diagram

3 Phase 4 Wire System

3 Phase 3 Wire System

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