SYCON-4400 - Maximum Demand Controller - Maximum Demand Controller

Sycon 4400

This advanced version of MD controller has three trip outputs and one alarm output. It gives the user the flexibility to choose its tripping according to the importance of the load. The least important load can be set for the first tripping and likewise the next two trippings can be set. Another important feature of this relay is that of the connectabilty to the computer device. User can interact with this relay using RS232/RS485 network.

General Features

  • 1 Alarm point and 3 tripping point (potential free)
  • PC interfacing facility with RS-232
  • Friendly user interface
  • Easy to install

Display Features

  • Continuous Display of
    • Average KVA demand
    • Instantaneous demand, RMS Voltage, RMS Current
    • Selectable display of setting
  • Selectable Display
    • Present and previous maximum demand
    • Trip status of contacts

Control Features

  • Password Protection for settings
  • Adjustable Integration time of 15 Minutes or 30 Minutes
  • Programmable CT primary
  • Adjustable demand settings
  • Manipulating facility
  • Clock setting facility to match EB clock

Optional Features

  • KW Demand Controller
  • Sliding window demand controller
  • Available for 3ph 3 wire and 3ph 4 wire system
  • Dual transformer demand controller
  • Time of day type Demand controller
  • RS232-RS485-RS232 converter & software for PC interfacing

Electrical Specifications

Voltage Input 415V AC -15%
Current Input --/5A
--/1A Optional
Frequency 50Hz
Switching Contact 10A at 250V AC
Accuracy 1 digit

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions 144(L) x 144(W) x 120(D) mm
Panel Cutout 138 mm x 138 mm

Wiring Diagram

3 Phase 4 Wire System

3 Phase 3 Wire System

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