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Power Factor Controlling Capacitors are generally switched by contactors. But due to this uneven switching of contactors, inrush currents get developped. These inrush currents, decreases the life of capacitors. As contactor is a mechanical device, it has a definite life based on its number of switchings. Also due to mechanical contacts, there are limitations of switching time.

To solve these limitations of capacitor switching by contactors, SYCON has come up with thyristor switching modules. These modules are switched by zero crossing detection algorithm.

Order Code Description
SYCON TFM 6101 Up to 15 kVAR
SYCON TFM 6102 Up to 25 kVAR
SYCON TFM 6103 Up to 50 kVAR
SYCON TFM 6104 Up to 75 kVAR
SYCON TFM 6105 Up to 100 kVAR

General Features

  • Easy installation
  • Switching ON at zero voltage
  • Switching OFF at zero current
  • Protection of -
    • Over-voltage
    • Over-current
    • Thyristor Open
    • Thyristor Short

Display Features

  • Indication of
    • Power ON
    • Capacitor ON
    • Over-voltage Fault
    • Over-current Fault
    • Thyristor Open Fault
    • Thyristor Short Fault

Electrical Specifications

Voltage 3 × 400 V
Maximum Voltage in conventional PFC-systems (without reactors) 440 V
in detuned PFC-systems (7% detuning) 440 V (no upward tolerance permitted)
in detuned PFC-systems (14% detuning) 400 V
Frequency 50 Hz/60 Hz
Activation 10-24V VDC

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions 157 × 200 × 180 mm (w × h × d)
Weight 4.8 kg
Operating Temperature -10 to +55°C

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