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SYCON-8802 - Protection Relay - UV / OV Relay


The voltage relay SYCON 8802 relay generally measures the phase-to-phase voltage of the system. On operation the relay trips the circuit-breaker or provides an alarm signal, in accordance with the configuration of the relay.When the phase-to-phase voltage exceeds the set start value of the overvoltage stage, the overvoltage stage starts and generates an over voltage fault signal. When, operate time has expired, the overvoltage stage delivers a trip signal. In the same way the undervoltage stage starts and generates a under voltage fault signal, when the value measured goes below the start value, and when the operate time has expired, the undervoltage stage operates by generating a trip signal.When the difference between any two phases is greater than 10% of normal voltage, voltage unbalance stage starts and when the operate time has expired, the voltage unbalance stage operates by generating a trip signal.

Available in Single Phase also.

Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage System 240 / 380 / 415 / 440 V AC ±20%
Phase unbalance 10%
Under Voltage 80% to 95% (adjustable)
Over Voltage 105% to 120% (adjustable)
Power on delay 3.0 sec + -0.5 sec.
Trip Time Delay On OV less than 1 sec
On phase fail ,reverse phase, UV and UNB 3.5secs+ -1 sec.

Electrical Specifications

Auxiliary supply 230V AC (110 VAC and 415 VAC optional)
Relay output Potential free NO-C-NC, 10 Amps at 250 VAC contacts
Operating temp range 0ºC to +70ºC
Calibration SYCON 8802 is calibrated with Digital Power Meter YOKOGOWA, Japan.
Accuracy ± 1% tolerance

Mechanical Specifications

Mounting Din rail
Body Plastic
Size 70 x 60 X 115 (mm)

Wiring Diagram

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